New Update! – 3rd September 2020

Hello hello hello! Hope everyone’s having a mighty fine day!

Just wanted to pop on here to let you guys know that I’ve added a new feature to my website! As of now, all my art work and graphic design can be found in the Graphic Design and Artwork category!

Everything in this category will include graphic work I’ve done for brands, illustration commissions and character study sheets as well as a few other drawings and illustrations done by me in both traditional and digital styles!

As always, if you like what you see, don’t be shy and let me know! And enjoy the rest of your day!

Stay safe, wear a mask and always remember to take care of yourself!

Newest Update!

Been a while since my last update! Quarantine hasn’t been my best friend but then again, I guess everyone is in the same boat, right? But worry not! I haven’t been totally unproductive this whole time.

Good news; I’ve added new photo’s to my photography section! These photo’s are from my final year project, inspired by my siblings! So if you can, definitely go check them out!

On top of that, I’m currently working on a show reel that contains all my artwork! Exciting! They’ll contain both my traditional and digital work from 2016 until now and will be uploaded here and onto my Youtube channel! That being said as well, keep an eye out for my new “Artwork” category that I’ll be adding too!

That’s all for now! Stay safe, wear a mask and take care of yourselves!

First post!

This is the first post to my new blog and website!

Mainly, the work I’ll be uploading will be in regards to creative writing and characters, but I will also have separate pages for the likes of my photography and videos I have shot.

This website will forever be in progress because I am constantly creating and learning new skills so make sure to follow and stay updated!

This is only the beginning!

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