Welcome to my writing page!

Below is a collection of writing I’ve done, including scripts, short stories and excerpts from works in progress both from past college assignments and writing I’ve done in my free time.


“Snake Among Roses”


A woman, a witch, a shape-shifter and a demon all walk into a bar… what happens next?

Criminal and best friends, Cam and Rose, have their world turned upside down when they’re hired for a rescue mission from an unlikely client; a demon prince. What was supposed to be a simple favour turned out to be so much more than any of them could have ever hoped for. Their lives are not only changed forever, but now intertwined too.

Written as part of my thesis in my fourth and final year.


“Inner Demons”

10 page script excerpt

After scientists discovered a way to contact and bring forth beings from worlds we believed untrue, seven teenage test subjects are sent out on an experiment; to live out their lives in a school environment as normal. Or as normal as they can when they’re not the only ones inhabiting their bodies.

While it is older than my other writing and contains mistakes, I like to include it as it helps me see how much I’ve grown as a writer and how much I’ve learned in terms of grammar, layout, pacing and general storytelling!

Written in 2017.


short film script

Police officer Levi is on his way home after notorious criminal Black Cat had escaped arrest. Upon arriving home, he’s greeted by his secret girlfriend who tells him something that will change their lives forever.

Written in 2019.

“Dance to the beat of my heart”

short, silent film script

Charlie, a deaf ballet dancer, is preparing for his audition for the lead in Swan lake. Will it be too much for him, or will he overcome his obstacles and reach his goal?

Written in 2019.

“Spot the Winner”

animation short film script

When Spot the Dalmatian is getting ready to take part in the prized dog show, he suddenly loses all of spots! It’s up to his owner to retrieve them as quickly as he can so that they can take home the gold.

Written in 2019.

Short stories

“Heart of a Huntsman”

A chapter excerpt from my original story “Heart of a Huntsman”

“Heart of a Huntsman” or HOAH is a fantasy story set in the midst of a war between humans and mythical creatures. The protagonist, Calcifer, from the Court of Wolves is out to destroy the rest of the courts to avenge the life of his wife and unborn child. However, after he is captured by the mythical court leaders, Calcifer soon begins to question everything he thought he knew.

This particular chapter focuses on the other courts and their leaders.

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